Skyld specializes in Artificial Intelligence security. Our SDK, AIShield, protects embedded AI models against reverse engineering. Unlock business opportunities by deploying your AI model on a smartphone, a connected device, or even on on-premise servers without compromising either your intellectual property or your competitive advantage.

Why choose Skyld ?

Do you build applications with embedded AI ? You’re in the right place !

When your AI models are deployed on devices, whether in mobile apps, robots, or desktop platforms, they become vulnerable to reverse engineering. In just minutes, an attacker can breach, locate, and duplicate your AI model, jeopardizing your intellectual property and competitive edge. If your company relies on AI/ML technologies, securing them should be an absolute priority. However, we understand that tackling this challenge can be complex

That’s where Skyld steps in. We offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically designed to shield your embedded AI models from reverse engineering. With our comprehensive solution, your models are safeguarded both at rest and during execution, ensuring maximum integrity and confidentiality.

Skyld is backed by Berkeley Skydeck.  At SKYLD, our expertise in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, reverse engineering, and threat research is at the core of our business. As an innovative startup, we grasp the crucial importance of securing emerging technologies, such as AI and machine learning. Don’t leave your models unprotected; choose SKYLD!

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